Don’t just generate B2B content with AI – our expertise helps you optimize AI-powered content publishing and marketing support.

Generative AI has revolutionized marketing, presenting unparalleled opportunities for B2B marketers to craft compelling, personalized, and data-driven campaigns. But there are risks involved if it’s not done right.

Don’t get fooled by AI “content mills”

You’ll find lots of so-called “AI agencies” that are happy to promise the sky – but end up delivering lots of “me-too” content that’s identical to other AI-generated content. That’s because they don’t really understand B2B marketing, and the level of attention, precision and personalization it needs.

AI is a great tool, but it’s only a starting point for a great B2B campaign. Thanks to our experience with AI tech clients and the major generative AI platform, we’re able to deliver superior B2B generative AI consulting and creative services – and avoid those mistakes.

Why use generative AI in B2B?

Creating great content is essential for any B2B marketing campaign. But it’s not enough to publish a few blog posts and wait for results. If you’re committed to building a strong online presence, you must produce content at scale that aligns with your business objectives and connects with your intended audience.

One compelling reason to do that? The fact that your competitors will probably be using generative AI tools to publish content at scale.

Rapidly publishing large amounts of SEO-friendly content is now easier than ever, thanks to generative AI platforms. Yet volume alone isn’t the solution. You need to balance it with quality, insight, and value in your content.

A.I. blog posts

What do we deliver?

Tailored content creation

Leveraging generative AI models, MSMC crafts diverse and customized content formats, including articles, whitepapers, email campaigns, and social media posts. These materials are designed to captivate audiences and drive engagement while maintaining the brand’s voice and identity.

Personalized content strategies

We’ll analyze extensive datasets to derive actionable insights into B2B audiences. These insights inform the creation of personalized content strategies tailored to address specific pain points, preferences, and stages of the buyer’s journey.

Content optimization

With AI-driven analytics and optimization techniques, MSMC ensures content resonates effectively with the intended audience. A/B testing, keyword analysis, and performance tracking are integral in refining content strategies for maximum impact.

Expertise in genAI content deployment

Where and when should a business use AI content? That depends on the business and its industry. There’s a lot of difference between segments and targets, and AI-generated content should never be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Hybrid collaboration

Instead of viewing AI as a threat, let’s collaborate with it. We take a “centaur” approach to AI, utilizing AI-powered tools for tasks such as data analysis, content research, or generating initial drafts. This collaboration enhances your content program’s overall productivity and creativity.

A focus on creativity and strategy

AI might excel at generating content, but it lacks creativity, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking. We provide a skill set in areas that AI can’t replicate, such as storytelling, creative narrative, strategy development, and understanding nuanced industry-specific concepts.

Specialization in complex content

We specialize in creating complex, niche, or technical content that demands deep expertise, critical analysis, and an understanding of specialized industries. AI may struggle to generate content in these areas, and certainly can’t interview your subject matter experts or solicit customer testimonials the way we can.

Soft skills and emotional intelligence

We apply soft skills like empathy, intuition, and emotional intelligence in our work. Humanizing content, understanding audience sentiments, and evoking emotions are areas where AI lags behind.

We stay updated and adaptive

We’ll keep learning about AI advancements and content automation trends. We’ll adapt by continuously upgrading our skills, learning new technologies, and staying ahead in our field. This adaptability ensures we stay relevant in an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Value beyond content creation

We’re diversified, with a skill set providing value beyond content creation. We can explore strategic consulting, content strategy development, client relationship management, or integrating content with broader business goals. Not to mention our other expertise in experiential, promotions, and other marketing disciplines.

Flexible & scalable expertise

The quality and depth of our expertise, our proven credibility, and the unique perspective we bring are aspects that AI-generated content can’t supply. By adopting these to client needs, we’ve become indispensable assets to them, leveraging our unique human capabilities to complement and expand the potential of AI-driven tools rather than being replaced by them.

Why hire a generative AI creative consultant?

In a competitive B2B landscape, putting seasoned experts in generative AI to work to enhance your marketing programs is practically a necessity. Too many firms don’t have the in-house resources and expertise to extract the most from generative AI. MSMC’s focus on harnessing the power of AI for B2B marketing empowers businesses to elevate their strategies, engage audiences effectively, and drive measurable results.

As technology continues to redefine marketing landscapes, we’re at the forefront, delivering innovative and impactful solutions that propel B2B businesses toward sustained growth and success.

Unlocking AI’s benefits: The MSMC advantage

The benefits of partnering with MSMC for B2B generative AI consulting are manifold:

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity: By automating content creation and optimization, MSMC enables B2B marketers to focus on strategic planning and innovation, maximizing productivity.
  • Precision in targeting and personalization: AI-derived insights empower MSMC to precisely target audiences and deliver highly personalized content, fostering deeper connections and conversions.
  • Scalability and adaptability: MSMC’s AI solutions are designed to evolve with market dynamics, ensuring scalability and adaptability to changing trends and audience behaviors.