Do your marketing support and communications work under an integrated strategy or tentpole creative idea, maximizing impact and ROI? Is it leveraging evolving marketing technologies and touchpoints to get the job done

Today, with the diversity of channels available for activating your audience, and the rapidly-shifting technologies that put more decision power than ever in their hands, it’s critical for you to be delivering synergized programs — if you’re hoping to stay competitive.

Real marketing impact comes from a unified go-to-market communications and promotions strategy based on solid research, insight development, a grasp of new technologies and trends, and stirring in some basic creative mojo will result in fresh approaches that’ll drive the engagement you’re after.

My job?  Use my knowledge of nearly every channel and touchpoint to craft integrated strategies that let a brand engage its audience holistically at multiple touchpoints, delivering seamless messaging and activation.

I’ve spent over two decades doing that, and it’s that hard-earned savvy as a creative and marketing strategy leader and innovation hacker that I apply to every project.

See the case studies below to see how I’ve utilized insights, big ideas, innovation and integration to drive breakthrough solutions