The right marketing tools for engaging new clients and candidates

If you’re a staffing firm or human resources services consultant, you want the services of a marketing, content, and design consultant who’s an expert in your category – and that’s exactly the expertise I’ve provided for staffing and talent recruitment firms over the years.

We’re so certain we’ll improve your marketing – quickly and cost-effectively – that we offer a free marketing audit and benchmarking study when you contact me about your needs.

Bold branding, content, and marketing to build your bottom line

As the staffing and H.R. industry evolves, as social media and mobile platforms become critical to your success, and the very shape of the job market changes, it’s more important than ever to stand out to both clients and candidates.

That’s particularly urgent now that there are over 12,500 staffing firms in the U.S. alone, at last count.  All chasing the best candidates.

What’s your best stride toward success in a very competitive category? You want to adopt a dynamic brand identity and execute a savvy marketing strategy that empowers you to…

Attract the best candidates

Your lifeblood?  Attracting and delivering the qualified individuals you need to meet your clients’ demands, whether you’re filling C-level positions at the apex of a company or delivering temp and contingency admins and seasonal staff.

Capture new clients

It’s all in the presentation: whether you’re in H.R. outsourcing, talent acquisition, background checking or another realm of staffing services, you need to impress clients with a powerful, on-the-mark brand, website, and communications suite that speaks to their exact needs.

Grow your market presence and reputation

A strong brand, a conversion-driving website, and a consistent content marketing and social media outreach, efficiently integrated, will grow your firm’s brand reach in your market, engage local and industry media, and build the kind of word-of-mouth awareness that positions you as a staffing leader for enterprises and jobseekers alike.

What sets us apart?

The advantages we bring to your staffing or recruitment firm are many:

  • Decades of B2B/B2C marketing expertise, including many years of providing specialized branding and marketing solutions to staffing firms just like yours.
  • A focus on integrated campaigns where content and marketing elements aren’t “standalone” but are part of coordinated programs that extend their value and impact across multiple channels and opportunities – from social media to video to selling tools.
  • On-call consultation: We’re on call and always accessible, whether to plan strategy or handle a sudden emergency.
  • An extraordinary network: Through MSMC, you’ll have access to the best designers, developers, printers, video, and event vendors around.
  • Real ROI and analytics: We do more than create an effective website or social media push.  We’ll provide the metrics and reporting that demonstrate success or guide re-strategizing.

We’ll apply 20+ years of B2B branding expertise, including a decade’s worth of work on behalf of recruitment, staffing, and H.R.-associated firms, to create your unique branding, tagline, elevator speech, or positioning platform.


What channels will succeed in your market? What’s the best segmentation or keywording strategy? Should you use newsletters, explainer videos, referral rewards? We’ll help you decide the cost-effective tactics that work best.

Websites & Digital

As we’ve done for dozens of other clients, we’ll turn your website and other digital touchpoints into assets in an inbound marketing engine designed to drive conversions, whether it’s capturing eligible candidates or new assignments from new clients.

Content & Social Media

Your content marketing and social media marketing will amp up your firm’s visibility and inbound traffic through best-in-class content and opportunistic social media strategies.

Email Marketing

It’s the cornerstone of candidate and client retention: We’ll help you create impactful email campaigns and newsletters that offer real value and drive engagement, retention, and sales with your website and your brand.


Whether it’s a company brochure, one-sheet, media kit, trade show display or other element, we provide writing, design and vendor supervision that make it on-brand and headache-free.

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