Today, most B2B buyers scour the web for content to help them make purchase decisions

  • 70-90% of their decision-making journey happens before they ever contact a sales rep.1
  • 90% of buyers say online content impacts their buying decisions.2
  • 57% of B2B marketers rate white papers as an effective content marketing tactic, and 55% say the same about eBooks.3

White papers and eBooks are essential to catching their eye and winning their business, especially if you’re a technology, B2B, healthcare, or professional services enterprise.

When you engage MSMC, you’ll benefit from the same ROI-driving writing and content design skills we’ve provided to marketers in segments ranging from research science to artificial intelligence, email marketing, human resources, and more.

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We apply these winning principles

Together, we’ll ensure your next white paper or ebook follows the winning principles found in great content that turn prospects into buyers.
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By making it truly useful and informational, you satisfy a buyer’s #1 requisite for B2B content.


It’ll avoid the kind of hard-sell slant that dooms other content: Today’s prospects are searching for factual information or instruction, not salesmanship, opinion or proselytizing.


Engaging content leverages graphic design best practices that make it a pleasure to read — and more likely for the reader to share with other potential customers, too.


We’ll help you prove leadership without resorting to braggadocio or puffery, by making certain your document is smart, clear, direct, and engaging in how it states its case, explains its lessons, or offers its insight.

White Paper & Ebook Examples