Social Media Aids Search Rankings in B2B

There’s less reason than ever for B2B marketers to hesitate about leveraging social — the results are definitively in.  According to almost half of B2B marketers, using social media aids their search rankings — with the other half split between “neutral” and “don’t know,” according to results posted by B2B Magazine and   And since search rankings are critical to your success, whether you’re large or small, you need to take heed if you’re serious about your market presence.

Adding high-quality inbound links, as one would expect, is king when it comes to how they’re raising their profiles.   So, these marketers are using social media to address that, by creating content that’s compelling enough to drive chatter and repostings on social media sites.

Only a quarter of those surveyed were monitoring social media channels to uncover keywords they could incorporate into their content, however.  That can be a missed opportunity, because they’re missing a chance to find out how their brands naturally figure in their audience’s dialogue and lifestyles.

Their analysis further concluded that…

According to the survey, B2B marketers’ No. 2 goal for social media marketing—after building brand awareness—was increasing traffic to a website, which social media’s natural synergy with search marketing is helping to achieve. Their next goal, generating leads, can in turn be reached through both social media itself and improved search efforts, both of which, according to HubSpot, bring in more leads.

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